Living Strong Carpet Cleaner

Your home will look and feel band new after your carpet and upholstery is cleaned

Sunday, May 28, 2023 | 6:31:27 PM

 Quality Cleaning Services:

  •        Carpets

  •        Upholstery

  •        Area Rugs

  • Great care is taken in choosing our cleaning products. All products are non-toxic and non-allergenic.

  • We employ a rigorous four-step process that involves; pre-soaking, pre-scrubbing, cleaning, and then complete hot water extraction of the dirt and debris.

  • Many companies use very harsh chemicals that just clean the surface of the carpet, and they do the job quickly with very little effort.  This can leave a residue of chemicals in the fibers of the carpet and upholstery which can cause allergies and respiratory problems.  This also leaves the dirt and debris in underlying fibers untouched to only resurface later.  David does not rely on these toxic chemicals to do his job.

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David Meyer has had the privilege to carry on a trusted family owned carpet and upholstery cleaning business that began in 1946 . He has worked independently since 1975 and is well known in the Seal Beach area. He is known for his integrity, strong work ethics and his genuine caring personality.Read More About Us ยป


First of all I have never seen someone work so hard in my life. David spent several hours cleaning all the carpet in my house and my couches.


We are always very pleased with the results we have when David cleans our carpet! We thought our carpet needed to be replaced but to our surprise

Ken and Diana King